A Young Gardener’s Journey…


At the age of nine, garden camp wasn’t exactly at the top of my list of summer recreation. By June, my heart was set on doing doggie paddles in the city pool, making beaded jewelry, and chasing down the ice cream truck. Garden camp, however, was my mother’s crafty plan to give me, as well as my sister and brother an experience in horticulture and meal planning. Her plan flourished. By the end of the summer, the three of us, still trying to master fractions and square roots, gained enough confidence at a local garden camp to grow vegetables in our own backyard.


I had no idea that learning how to grow vegetables could be so much fun! Our yard was big enough to grow a single row of eight tomato plants on one side, string beans on the opposite side, and a few heads of cabbage in the rear. The experience of working in a community garden taught me that anyone can build a sustainable environment and connect with their community provided they were given adequate resources.



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