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Sending a child to camp is big business. To a child, the experience
means increased confidence or self-esteem, experiencing an
adventure or trying new things. To a parent, it can mean that
their child can learn new leadership skills or increase skills in friendship.


The American Camp Association, a national organization that accredits
all types of camps, reported that each year more than 11 million
children and adults attend camp in the U.S. (2010 ACA Camp
Compensation and Benefits Report).


Camps offer various types of programs. There’s swimming, arts and
crafts, sports and other specialized activities such as gardening. Overall,
it means that children are moving around and staying fit. A child not
involved in some type of activity becomes sedentary and ultimately gains
weight. Throw in increased access to unhealthy snacks, boredom and
less access to healthier meals by way of the school breakfast and lunch
program, and you have children packing on pounds faster than they can
run to a healthplex. Camp can also be expensive as fees can vary
from less than $100 to more than $1,500 per week.


In addition, studies also show that when children aren’t involved in
academic programs during the summer, they lose more than two months
of math skills and reading skills developed during the previous year.


Health and fitness games are a sample of the many interactive ways you
can play with your children or just keep them occupied with friends.
Popular health and fitness games on the market today challenge children
with body exercises and fitness quizzes focused on helping children
lose weight and improving their skills in learning about nutrition.


Follow this blog to learn more about some of the latest and popular health
and fitness games for children that are helping to reduce childhood obesity.
These games are loaded with health tips, but don’t tell your children you’re
trying to help them stay fit. Just tell them that their friends are doing the
same thing but made to wear those bright-colored neon camp t-shirt’s.


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