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Twister was created in the mid-1960’s by Charles Foley and Neil
Rabens. Twister was known as “the game that tied you up in knots”
because of the way players stretched their bodies around each other.
The game consisted of a large vinyl mat placed on the floor. Red,
blue, yellow, and green spots colored the mat. As a moderator spun
a wheel, players had to put one part of their body on one of the
corresponding colors. The interactive game was one of the first
games played with my family and friends that gave me a physical
workout and charged my mind to create new strategies to win.


While Twister was a game played on the floor, popular new games
get children up and moving and can be played in the gym, classroom,
or home. LunchBox Kids Health and Fitness Board Game was created
to keep children moving and motivated to learn. LunchBox Kids bridges
the gap between physical education and academics using motivational
techniques. The game uses cross-cultural teachings and multiple
intelligence to teach verbal-linguistic, interpersonal, visual-spatial,
bodily-kinesthetic, and logical-mathematical learning styles.


LunchBox Kids involves math and science skills and features Custom
Food Dice, Healthy Lunch Tickets, Snack Cards, Get Fit cards, and
400 Health and Fitness Pop Quiz Cards. The game also includes a
children’s custom food-scale chart and workout poster for you to hang
on a wall or refrigerator. Catch a child in a sports camp with a twinkie
(unhealthy snack) and they‘ll be made to do some push-ups. In the
LunchBox Kids game, a child who pulls an unhealthy Snack Card is
made to go to Nurse “Cindy” where they’re commanded to roll dice
or perform an exercise challenge to escape.


LunchBox Kids was recognized for:

● A National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval Award
● Dr. Toy Top 10 Games of 2013
Afterschool Today Magazine Top Products for 2014


On a level of durability, fun, and educational, LunchBox Kids
customers gave the game their highest ranking.


LunchBox Kids Health & Fitness Board Game

Ages: 6 +

Price: $55.00

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