Phil Black created FitDeck® out of a desire to create a game that
was simple, convenient and fun. The fitness entrepreneur pitched
his business idea to Shark Tank, the reality TV show where self-made
millionaires give budding entrepreneurs an opportunity to land a
business deal. Black failed to win over the Sharks, but the former
Navy SEAL and investment banker went on to promote FitDeck®
used by everyone from ordinary folk to celebrities today.


FitDeck® focuses on exercise, training for sports, and nutrition and
is available in physical and digital formats. The cards specialize in
bodyweight-only exercises (i.e. Bodyweight, Junior, Senior, Yoga,
Pilates, Stretch, Prenatal, and Postnatal). The game is simple in
that it requires no machines or equipment. However, 26-card
Boosters may require certain equipment such as an Exercise Ball,
Pull Up bar, Dumbbell, Office, Travel, or Kettlebell.


Whether you’re looking to stay in shape or enhance your workout,
free downloadable Nutrition Cards offered through the website provide:


• A basic overview on how FitDeck Nutrition works
• 15 sample “cut out” cards from FitDeck Nutrition
• 3 sample shopping cards


I tried getting a sample of the Nutrition Cards to test before purchase.
Unfortunately, a site error occurred when I clicked the download button.
I hope the web master is working on it and able to get it functioning soon.
I was anxious to choose my own card, as the instructions of the game
described, and create my own workout. Besides the Internet hurdle, I
believe the game is convenient enough to fit into one’s pocket, making
it portable and quick to pull out and shake up a dry fitness routine.


Jared Dudley

Los Angeles Clippers Jared Dudley uses FitDeck basketball to sharpen
his skills. The NBA player likes the game for its flexibility and challenge
whether he’s playing against others or himself. FitDeck Junior comes
with a Games and Activity book with over 70 games. Illustrations and
instructions describe 50 upper, middle, lower, and full body exercises
for children. The cards have fun names like the Inchworm, Red Rover,
and Flamingo.


FitDeck, Inc. features 40 titles in the series including FitDeck
Superman, a 56-card FitDeck that contains illustrations and
instructions describing 50 different upper, middle, and lower body
exercises for children, and the FITDECK® Jr, a booklet featuring
70 FitDeck Junior games for classroom and gym settings.


FitDeck Junior

Recommended manufacture age: K – grade 6

Price: $14.95 + shipping


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