Here’s a children’s fitness board game that commands players to
complete a variety of yoga, cardio, stretching and strength
movements. In Flip2BFit, participants are instructed to choose a
movement individually, or as a team. At the spin of wheel, the
board game inspires children to stay fit and create healthy eating

Like FitDeck Junior, this game requires no machine or equipment,
only your muscles and a willingness to try something challenging.
A testimonial from one psychologist stated that Flip2BFit brings all
areas of fitness learning and skillfully combines exercise and literacy
while creating an atmosphere for fun, and noted that “many
connections to mathematics can be made by modifying ways to
keep track of repetitions, sets, and score.”

Flip2BFit can played with 2-4 players and includes a game board,
120 playing cards, 4 disclaimer cards, 4 blank cards, a spinner,
4 pawns, and instruction.

Flip2BFit meets U.S. National and State Curriculum requirements
for P.E. and Health. The award-winning game received:

● PTPA – Parent Tested Parent Approved
● Kidlutions – Solutions for Kids
● The Toy Man Award of Excellence
● The Toy Man Eco-Recognition Seal

Bakari Fitness Memory Game, another award-winning activity game
sold under Flip2BFit challenges players to match two physical activity
cards then earn points by challenging their body to successfully
complete them. Bakari Fitness Memory Game is designed to get
the body moving while building life skills within the mind. The game
includes 1 Bakari playing mat, 52 FUN Exercise Cards and 1 Pad to
keep score, and is correlated to All U.S. National and State PE and
Health Curriculum.

Flip2BFit Inc., a fitness and nutrition driven company, uses soy inks,
recycled papers and rubber plant extracts. Great for recycling and
great for the planet!

Flip2BFit Fitness Board Game

Manufacture recommended age: 6 to Primary school

Price: $35.00

Bakari Fitness Memory Game

Manufacture recommended age: 6 -15 years

Price: $24.95

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