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Children fill their ears with all types of music for pleasure or to help them focus on a task. Their passion may be country, folk, gospel, R & B, hip-hop or jazz.


Rap and hip-hop are notorious for glorifying violence. Some of its lyrics support the exploitation or the victimization of women. Yet, children listen to it because they like the rhythm. We tell our children to avoid it because we fear they will try to imitate the artist and allow the negative and angry lyrics to penetrate their consciousness.


I’ve read that listening to classical music is great to listen to as this type is known to “make you smarter.” Playing Mozart before a difficult task, such as a test, has been shown to help improve children’s cognitive skills. That’s because classical music touches part of the brain that affects reasoning and short term memory.


Music affects your emotions

Children’s ears are plugged with all types of music that affects their emotions. If they’re a child, a nursery rhyme can signal that it’s bedtime. If they’re a teenager, a rock song can signal that it’s time to party. Athletes who listen to music while they  train say that music helps their minds focus on competition.


The first day of school is the beginning of a new journey; a journey from one marking period to the next. Pressure to perform can make a student feel like they’re competing. School can feel like a race. But school is not a race. It’s a journey.  And journeys take a deeper commitment. A journey also takes a strong work ethic. Most importantly, focus.


Steps to success

Ways you can help your child have a successful year are to:

  • Help them follow healthy habits
  • Tell them to follow a routine
  • Tell them it’s okay to make mistakes
  • Talk to them about their day
  • Encourage them to have a hobby
  • Show an interest in their talents
  • Expect the best of them

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Listening to positive music can help your child have a successful year. My new favorite hip-hop group is Diva Dollz and Company. The Philadelphia-based performers are between the ages of 5 – 17. I watched the group perform and fell in love with the positive messages in their songs. Diva Dollz and Company produced three CD’s. “Do It Like a Pro” a song on their latest CD by the same name, encourages listeners to live authentically even when no one is watching. Produced by Philadelphia’s own Tedlive and Stanton Drinks, Jr, the group declares that their CD’s are age appropriate, kid and family-friendly hip-hop music. Even better, the songs have no explicit lyrics!


What type of music plugs your child’s ears?

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