Children of the World International Children's Choir

Children of the World International Children’s Choir /                                       Photo credit: CFF Photos

Jackline wants to become a doctor. Her smile is bright enough to bring hope to a
dying patient.

Bianca, Hannah and Radhika want to become teachers. They’ll need someone to guide them to help others reach their full potential.

Raju wants to become a pediatrician. For fun, he likes playing soccer.

Dressed in bright colored outfits of  yellow, green, black, gold and blue, Jackline, Bianca, Hannah, Radhika, Raju, and other children their age, came to Philadelphia recently to perform in song, dance, and spoken word. But these children weren’t on some sort of Disney Tour. Their platform was not to entertain so everyone could go home happy. Their mission was to help raise awareness of other children waiting to be rescued from the weight of malnutrition, hunger and hopelessness.

The group–members of the Children of the World International Children’s
Choir from World Help’s Child Sponsorship Program–included children from
Nepal, Uganda, Brazil, India, the Philippines, Guatemala, and Honduras. The
children shared their hopes and dreams. Other children dream of their future,
but are not so fortunate.

One in three children in the U.S. live in poverty, but you can’t compare poverty in
the U.S. to poverty in developing countries. According to data from the World
Health Organization and UNICEF, an estimated 748 million people didn’t have
access to improved drinking water in 2012. Of those numbers, 325 million
(43 percent) lived in sub-Saharan Africa.

To help end the cycle of poverty, charitable organizations, such as World Help,
assist in improving the lives of the less fortunate by providing the basic
necessities of food, clothing, access to clean water, medical supplies,
vocational training, and disaster relief.

Have you thought what it means to be poor? Poverty is not defined by the things
you want but can’t have, it’s defined by the things you can’t afford but need to

There’s nothing like giving a gift that gives hope. When you discover that you’re
able to give an old coat, or spend an hour volunteering, you can ask what Noel
Brewer Yeatts, the author of Awake asked, “Is that all it takes to make a difference?”

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