General Mills cereal

General Mills cereal (Photo: General Mills)

General Mills announced recently that they would be removing artificial flavors and artificial sources of colors from their cereals by 2017.

General Mills has been using artificial flavors and colors in their cereals to enhance their appearance, but the company is making a turn toward natural alternatives.

General Mills isn’t the only company to start removing additives from their
foods. In the last year, companies like McDonald’s and Taco Bell removed
additives to make their foods appear Taco Bell, fresher.

In a statement, Lauren Pradham, senior marketing manager for wellness strategy
in the Cereal division said, “This is about removing barriers to cereal. People have
told us they don’t want dyes in their cereal.”

Horray for healthier cereals!


Not quite. Breakfast cereals still consist mainly of processed foods fortified with
vitamins. Close to 60 percent of General Mills cereals are made without artificial flavors and colors from artificial sources.

The good news is that retail prices of the General Mills products won’t change.

When the cereal hits your child’s picky taste buds are you concerned that their
opinions will change?

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