Haitian Children / Photo: Divine Intervention International

Haitian Children / Photo: Divine Intervention International

They wake up in the Dark and they go to bed in the Dark, because there is NO electricity. They hope there will be Food available when they wake up. Childhood should be a time of joy and discovery.  Playing with friends. Riding a bike.  The first day of school. But the grim truth is that half the world’s children live in poverty.

Bedsaini, Kervens and Ismaeline, along with many other children either lost their parents in the earthquake of 2010, in Haiti, or have one parent who cannot afford to provide even the basics for the children. Today more than ever there’s an opportunity to help change that. Divine Intervention International’s (DII) mission is to develop a non-profit residential facility to house 30 children in De Faugasse, Haiti.  In addition, DII will advocate on behalf of the children by providing adequate housing, enhanced education, and health and wellness services to foster a supportive environment in which children and families grow personally, emotionally and spiritually.

We hope to accomplish this by using sponsorship as a means for helping the children. We believe that this is the most effective way to provide stable ongoing benefits and services to the children. DII has already provided school supplies, tuition, food and support to the children and caretakers, thanks to past support from generous donors.

Haitian Children / Photo: Divine Intervention International

Haitian Children / Photo: Divine Intervention International

Moving forward in our mission, we have set a fundraising goal of $50,000.00 to help build a house for the orphans and are seeking financial support. Every donation is vital and the need is always great.

Without the continued help from donors, the children will go without food, housing, education and clothing. DII believes that contributions of any amount between $50 – $1000, or whatever people can afford to give can change a child’s life forever!

Because DII is in the process of completing the incorporation process, checks should be made payable to: L. Moragne-Macon, and sent to: 6802 N. 10th St. Philadelphia, PA, 19126. You may also contact DII at 267-228-5371. The EIN number of DII is: 90-1001714.


L. Moragne-Macon, President of DII / Photo L. Moragne-Macon

Terry Moragne-Macon, President of DII / Photo: Terry Moragne-Macon

About the author: Terry Moragne-Macon

Terry Moragne-Macon is the Co-founder of Divine Intervention International with Lea Sargent. Mrs. Moragne-Macon is a native Philadelphian and holds a Bachelor and Master’s Degree of Social Work. As a child she would bring children into her parent’s home, feed them, do their hair and provide clothing for them. Mrs. Moragne-Macon spent 30 years in the field of social work and was the Chief of Staff at Imani Educational Circle Charter School established by her sister, Dr. Francine Fulton.  Mrs. Moragne-Macon is the wife of Reginald Macon, an ordained elder. She is the mother of three daughters, and has an extended family of six children, 19 grandchildren and six great grand-children. She and her husband are active members of the Mt. Airy Church of God in Christ in Philadelphia, PA, under the leadership of Pastor/Servant Leader Dr. J. Louis Felton.

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    If you’d like to support this cause, leave a comment and contact Terry Moragne-Macon.

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