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As School Lunch Hero Day approaches, I remind myself that I never honored  the lunch lady at my school.

When my mother packed me baloney and cheese sandwiches (which I hated), the school lunch lady gave me a hot meal that soothed my stomach.

When my brain felt drained after taking a math test, the lunch lady encouraged me to eat a protein packed peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a serving of milk.

Most of the time when I saw our school’s regular lunch lady in the cafeteria, I took my food, mumbled a brief “thank you,” and kept my tray moving as not to hold up the line. I appreciated the lunch lady in discreet way; I felt she was just doing her job.

One day, as I was going through the cafeteria line, I looked at the menu in disgust. Since I wanted to eat, I put the food on my plate, but I rushed my way past the lunch lady because I held her accountable for making sure that I was given the most nutritious food every day.

What was her response?

Be grateful.

Lunch ladies can feel unappreciated and will let you know it. Kind of like what happened in the episode of Girl Meets World: Girl Meets Forgotten.


Geralyn Thompson is a character at John Quincy Adams Middle School. Riley and Maya get to see more of Thompson’s character as a food service worker as they serve lunch to their peers. Through Riley and Maya’s efforts working in the kitchen, they learn how unappreciated Thompson feels.  Later, they publicly thank her.

If you’re standing near a food service worker, show them a little gratitude.





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