CFF_summer-time-1405961228GHz (500x219)Hooray for summer!

The school calendar is winding down to the last days.

It’s vain to tell students to be patient. Their minds are far away from doing lessons, but bent on the sweet smell of freedom!

What do you during the last days of school until the school bell rings for the final time? Here are some activities to keep your students calm, collected and focused.

Science projects

On her blog The First Grade Parade, Cara Carroll encourages teachers to have hands-on science activities that include a literacy and math component. Carroll, an educational consultant from Texas, says that children with a fascination with the ocean will get a kick out of making miniature ocean parfaits and writing about the different ocean animals and ocean life that can be found in each level of the ocean.

Be artsy

You know those returned assignments your student’s haven’t taken home? Don’t discard them.  Encourage your students to make a scrapbook. Invite them to add glitter, paint, or ribbons.

Play Jeopardy

Jeopardy is a popular game that’s a vocabulary game played backwards. The answer is shown and players have to respond with a question. Divide the class into two teams. Use subjects of science, math or history.

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