CFF_2017_08.01_Soccer Moms_1223-0-soccer-momSoccer moms know what’s best when it comes to understanding their child’s needs. They believe in organization and prepare for the worst.  Soccer moms believe in the power of play and physical activity. They know that sports are a portal for children to help build friendships, work as a team and develop leadership skills,  but they also try to have their children in activities other than sports that help enrich their lives.

Here are six things you can do to stay on track of your child’s hectic athletic schedule and not burn out:


Organize and Plan

A soccer mom needs to organize and plan. Organization and planning brings focus. Without it, a mom’s life – as well her family’s life – would be in chaos. Organization and planning take time and effort. To plan your families’ activities, start with a daily “to-do” list and assign chores to your children. For tips on organization, check out  The Soccer Mom Blog. The Soccer Mom Blog is a parenting and positive lifestyle blog that features recipes, smart money habits, and DIY for “beginners.” The blog’s founder, Stacey Garska Rodriguez, loves to blog about positive parenting, and even adds a dash of her family’s adventures.


Keep communication open with your child’s team

Is you’re not using a Team Chat app to communicate with your child’s coach, other parents, and other team members, you need to start using one. A team chat app lets you communicate with other members of your group in one social media forum. Team chat apps allows you to view announcements, schedules, updates and contacts information about your team.  Facebook Messenger, Apple Messenger, Skpe and email are other ways you can communicate, but team chat apps lets you view information pertaining only to your group. Team chat apps are also secure and free to join.


Get the right equipment 

Outfitting your child for sports can lead you feeling dazed. A youth’s athletic equipment should be aimed at the specific sport they play. There are so many choices to make, especially if you have more than one child playing in one season.  Schools also find themselves on the short list of equipment as well. Fortunately equipment grants are available for schools. Good Sports provides children the lifelong benefits of sport and physical activity by providing equipment, apparel and footwear to those most in need.


Provide good nutrition

Eating healthy shouldn’t be a fad, but a lifestyle. To help keep your child fueled for energy dieticians recommend focusing on carbohydrates. Protein foods should be spread out between meals throughout the day. Fatty foods such a pizza should be kept to a minimum, and young athletes should stay hydrated with water. Dairy products, such as with fat-free and low-fat milk, are also ways to stay hydrated. You can find more nutrition plans from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.


Practice self-care

Face it. You spend so much time nurturing your family that you barely leave time for yourself. Spending countless hours caring for the well-being of others and neglecting self-care can lead to burnout.  Being a parent is hard.  Helping a child follow their passion can be harder. If you’re a single parent raising a child can feel lonely, but when you look around you, you’ll find you’re not the only with a million things to do. Erin Schlicher, a blogger at EmpoweringParents and a licensed therapist said that one way parents can avoid burnout is to find support from family and friends. Another way to avoid burnout is to equip yourself with new methods of parenting, enroll in a parenting group, or work with a coach.


Share the journey

When you’re raising children, time flies by, quick! It takes dedication to stand on the sidelines season after season, and watch one child go from the peewee level, to the recreational level and then on to select teams. Children need help preparing for college, and life after in high school in general. You can focus too much attention on planning for your child’s future instead of enjoying what they were doing in the present that you can miss out on the present. What really matters is that you share the journey with them. Hit the pause button. Spend time with them after the game to ask how certain moments were meaningful to them.


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