Creative writing is fuel for the soul.  CFF_2017_Rap and writing (200x133)

Sure, you can get creative using Emoji’s, but when you want to pour out your deepest thoughts, writing an essay, poem or short story will make you more reflective about your feelings.

Writing was hard for me in school. I started at blank sheet of paper and felt intimidated when I had to write. Once I chose a topic, I created an outline, and went through what seemed like hundreds of revisions, hoping that my final draft made sense to my teacher.

Why students hate to write

Middle school students hate to write because they think their writing has to be perfect. Students who struggle expressing themselves shut down. Teachers helping students who struggle tell them to brainstorm topics that interest them and to write the most important points about that topic.

It’s important to learn how to write because writing teaches you how to separate fact from opinion.  Overall, writing enhances your understanding of how to form ideas.

º Writing helps you to decide which ideas are more important

º Writing encourages you to review, connect and critique ideas

º Writing Build new understanding of ideas

º Writing Think about what your ideas mean

º Writing facilitates Analyze information you want to understand and learn

Write a letter to God

Have you ever been in a dark place?

Musical artist Selah the Corner found himself in a dark place. Selah the Corner, born Nathaniel Martinez, was smart and had a family who loved him, but one day he found himself in a dark place, Selah was outgoing. He has friends, but found himself in a place of uncertainty. He didn’t know where to turn so he decided to write a letter to God. The letter was letter of resignation from life. He was crying out for help.

But something happened. After Selah wrote the letter, he felt a peace that he never felt since he was a child.  The next day Selah wrote another letter to God. Then more letters. Selah turned those letters into songs. Today, his music is heard by millions of people.

“Writing is my purpose.” He said. That’s why I felt that peace. That’s what I was looking for.”

Write a letter to yourself

You hate writing now, but when you get older you’ll reflect on what you did in your teens, 20’s and 30’s. Writing will help you to reflect on life’s events and help you to answer questions like “how did I get here?” CBS sportscaster James Brown wrote a letter to himself and validated to others how his character became defined.

I don’t care what the circumstances might be — you always stand on truth. No matter what the tide might be, no matter the trend or how the winds are blowing, you always stand on truth.

Brown isn’t afraid to call himself a mamma’s boy. In an essay, Brown reflects on his accomplishments, his failures and the foundation of work, honesty, truth, and integrity laid by his parents. Though all the promising offers given, and opportunities to achieve fame, Brown kept his word.

Standing on your word will not make you popular, but it’ll help you to stay focused about what’s important in life.

So when you’re feeling inspired, try writing. It’ll free your soul.


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