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  Rick Williams wants to knockout diabetes. For 20 years, Williams’ older brother, Terrence L. Williams, Sr. suffered from diabetes. Williams’ brother ultimately suffered from kidney failure and passed away. Terence L. Williams, Sr. was only 42. Williams believes that if his brother had known how to manage his diabetes, he would have lived a Read More →

  Here’s a children’s fitness board game that commands players to complete a variety of yoga, cardio, stretching and strength movements. In Flip2BFit, participants are instructed to choose a movement individually, or as a team. At the spin of wheel, the board game inspires children to stay fit and create healthy eating choices. Like FitDeck Read More →

Sending a child to camp is big business. To a child, the experience means increased confidence or self-esteem, experiencing an adventure or trying new things. To a parent, it can mean that their child can learn new leadership skills or increase skills in friendship.   The American Camp Association, a national organization that accredits all Read More →