Opening day of Major League Baseball is just a few weeks away. To celebrate, I wanted to write something nostalgic, but not too old. Something fun, but meaningful. I thought about former NFL wide-receiver Vincent Edward “Bo” Jackson. Jackson was one of the few athletes to be named an All-Star in two major sports, Read More →

  As a child I looked forward to having recess in school. Recess and Physical Education (P.E.) class provided a break in the school day for me to unwind, play, and socialize with my peers. It also helped me to stay physically fit. Without these breaks, school just seemed to be one long study period Read More →

(NYASP Children’s Mental Health PSA / The New York Association of School Psychologists (NYASP) got a boost of support in the recognition of children’s mental health from NBA player Rondae Hollis-Jefferson. In the NYASP’s newest public service announcement, Hollis-Jefferson, of the Brooklyn Nets, urged students to utilize their school psychologist. In the PSA, Hollis-Jefferson Read More →


What do rap singer Future, tennis star Serena Williams, and a group of four star struck youth all have in common? They all want quality time with NBA All-star LeBron James.

In the Nike basketball video “Bring Your Game,” LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Paul George, Kobe Bryant, Anthony Davis, Kyrie Irving, and Elena Delle Donne, show a few youth just how much attitude goes into their games and how much practice pays off.

A road trip

The video follows four youth, Peanut, Sean, Toni and Angel, on their quest to find their favorite NBA or WNBA player.

The youth need time to learn what makes their favorite players tick. After hopping across the county and spending time with NBA players, Durant, George, Bryant, Davis, Irving, and WNBA player, Elena Delle Donne, Peanut, Sean, Toni and Angel learn a bit about each players’ personalities not seen on the court.

LeBron James doesn’t have a problem opening the doors of his home to the youth, although he’s curious as to how they made it past his home security system. The fab four hope to narrow their choice down of who’s the greatest, and believe that after hanging out with James that his relaxed style will be convincing enough to surpass all the other players they’ve seen. However, when James passes up a chance to hear the latest tune from Future and volley with Serena Williams, his focus and consistency appear to be too uncool for the foursome. Furthermore, James’ choice of dessert is a cake made of Spirulina, Kale, and Ginger. So uncool!

To bring your ‘A’ game, stay focused

The video released by Nike will inspire youth who look at the surface of game performance but fail to look at preparation that’s required.

Actually, if you’re a youth involved in sports and aim to be great, you don’t have to worry about being too serious and forfeit all your leisure time (or favorite snack) right now. By focusing on bringing your best attitude at whatever you do, the results will show.



              Every product labeled gluten-free is not gluten-free. In a Gallup poll, one in five Americans say they actively try to include gluten-free foods in their diet. Gluten is known to cause celiac disease, an autoimmune condition. Following a gluten-free diet is beneficial in preventing celiac disease.  Up to Read More →